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Christoph Wenzel, M.Sc.


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Institut für Aerodynamik und Gasdynamik


+49 711 685 64606

Visitenkarte (VCF)

Pfaffenwaldring 21
70569 Stuttgart
Raum: 0-014


  • Direct numerical simulation (DNS) of turbulent boundary-layer flows.
  • Drag reduction of turbulent boundary-layers by Uniform Blowing.
  • Turbulent boundary-layers with pressure gradient.
  • Compressibility effects of turbulent boundary-layers (subsonic and supersonic).
  • Comparison of different turbulent inflow boundary conditions (SEM and Lund-Recycling).

When you are interested in Bachelor- or Mastertheses, do not hesitate to contact me. If there is no suitable offer online, you can also contact me or send me a speculative application, usually I have many ideas for possible topics.

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