Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Acoustics

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Mastervorlesung Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Acoustics


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Information zum Modul

M.Sc. Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik, 1. Semester, F: Entwurf, Auslegung und Bau von Luft- und Raumfahrzeugen, Spezialisierungsrichtungen: Wahlmodule

M.Sc. Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik, 1. Semester, Ergänzungsmodule: Wahlmodule

vorgezogenes Mastermodul

Zeit: Wintersemester, Dienstag, 11:30-13:00, (Online--Selbststudium)
Winter semester, Tuesday, 11:30-13:00, (Online Self Study)

Sprache: English
Language: English

Prüfung: Mündlich, 20 Min., Gewichtung: 1
Testing: Oral, 20 Min., Weighting: 1

Art der Vorlesung: Online-Selbststudium über ILIAS
Type of lecture: Online self study via ILIAS

Ablauf der Lehrveranstaltung - Course procedure

The course will begin with introduction of basic aerodynamics of airfoil and rotating wind turbine blade. The computational approaches to evaluate the aerodynamics of wind turbine will be presented in the subsequent chapters, this includes the understanding of common parameters in wind turbine aerodynamics and losses which my occur during operation. Having a good understanding in the aerodynamics, the topic is extended to acoustics of the turbine covering the type, mechanisms and how to compute the noise emanating from the turbine. Lastly, a real project work will be introduced to enable the students to get to know the engineering approach commonly used in industry. Basic programming language will be shortly introduced, and the students will compare the results with the software package B-GO developed at IAG.

Inhalt - Content

  • Introduction and Fundamentals: HAWT/VAWT, construction of wind turbine, inflow conditions, airfoil aerodynamics.
  • Aerodynamic Effects on the rotor: stall, unsteady aerodynamics, 3D effects.
  • Aerodynamic effects on wake: near wake, far wake, TSR, stratification, turbulence.
  • Calculation methods: physical and mathematical foundations BEM and the employed corrections, (I)DMS for VAWT, vortex methods, CFD, actuator line / disk, angle of attack extraction, consistent engineering model & CFD calculations.
  • Regulations/ TA-Noise / IEC-Standard of wind turbine acoustics.
  • Fundamentals of (aero)acoustics: Noise mechanisms and basics of sound waves.
  • Mechanisms and frequency range of sound sources at wind turbines.
  • Amplitude modulation, propagation, prediction and possible re-duction measures of wind turbine noise.
  • Practical activity: optimization of aerodynamic and aero-acoustic assessment of a wind turbine.
  • A BEM code construction / or usage of the B-GO code at IAG.
  • Analyzing the aerodynamically induced sound emitted from the turbine (empirically or by a given noise level database).

Lecture Scripts
Calculation code B-GO
M. Hansen: Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
J. Mannwell: Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application
S. Wagner, R. Bareiss, G. Guidati: Wind Turbine Noise

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