Prof. Andrea Beck elected as DFG review board member

December 7, 2023 / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ewald Krämer

Wir wünschen Frau Beck für diese sehr herausfordernde und verantwortungsvolle Arbeit viel Erfolg.
[Picture: IAG Uni Stuttgart]

Prof. Andrea Beck was elected to review board 4.22 "Fluid Mechanics, Technical Thermodynamics and Thermal Energy Technology" for the subject 4.22-03 "Fluid Mechanics" in this year's election for new DFG review board members.

The term of office of the review board members is four years. Their task is to scientifically evaluate proposals for the funding of research projects on the basis of reviews obtained and to ensure that the same quality standards and comparable criteria are applied in all DFG funding procedures. They make proposals on approvals and rejections to the DFG's final decision-making body. They are also responsible for providing strategic advice to the DFG's committees.


We wish Ms. Beck every success in this very challenging and responsible position.

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