Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics

The IAG represents the fields of Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Methods within the study program Aerospace Engineering.

The IAG represents the fields of Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Methods within the study program Aerospace Engineering.
Study program Aerospace Engineering.

Fluid Dynamics is a branch of physics concerned with the mechanics of stationary and moving fluids (liquids, gases, vapors) and the forces acting on them.

The underlying mathematical equations are partial differential equations describing the conservation laws for mass, momentum, and energy. Due to the nonlinearity of the system of equations, appropriate numerical methods are needed for their solution. In addition to the fundamentals of fluid dynamics, skills and knowledge about experimental flow and measurement techniques as well as the development and application of numerical methods are imparted.

The IAG in the Bachelor’s program

In the Bachelor’s program, the subjects Fluid Dynamics I & II and Numerical Simulation are essential components of the curriculum and compulsory for all students of the degree program.

Bachelor Courses

The IAG in the Master’s program

In the Master's program, the IAG offers a variety of specialization modules in addition to the subjects Aircraft Aerodynamics I and Analytical and Numerical Methods of Aerospace Engineering. The respective courses include topics such as: wing aerodynamics, airfoil design, helicopter aeromechanics, gas dynamics, hypersonic flow, flow and measurement techniques, flow visualization, boundary layer theory, laminar turbulent transition, turbulence modeling, multiphase flows, numerical fluid mechanics, high order finite difference methods, Discontinuous Galerkin techniques, aeroacoustics, efficient programming, industrial aerodynamics, environmental aerodynamics, etc.

The lectures are complemented by theoretical and practical exercises, tutorials and seminars. Examples of the latter are the CFD application seminar, the CFD programming seminar, the airfoil seminar and the wing design seminar.

Master Courses

Student Theses and Guidelines


This image shows Ewald Krämer

Ewald Krämer

Prof. Dr.-Ing.


This image shows Andrea Beck, M.Sc.

Andrea Beck, M.Sc.

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Deputy Director / Head of Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics

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