Laminar Wind Tunnel

Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics

Based on a sound record in the development and testing of natural laminar flow (NLF) airfoil section, the focus of the working group is put on the impact of unsteady inflow conditions on laminar boundary layer stability and transition. This includes the development of novel measurement procedures as well as improvements of transition prediction tools.

The airfoils developed in the last 40 years are used world wide in gliders, small and medium motor aircrafts, helicopters, wind-farms, propellers etc.

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Technology Transfer

Within the framework of technology transfer we carry out measurements for industry partners and also act in an advisory capacity to domestic and foreign aircraft designers.


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Call for applications Student thesis with the topic: Kennfeldermittllung elektrischer Luftfahrtantriebe


This image shows Ulrich Deck, M.Sc.

Ulrich Deck, M.Sc.


Head of working group Laminar Wind Tunnel

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