Model Wind Tunnel

Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics

The Model Wind Tunnel has a closed measuring section and an open air return (Eiffel type). The Model Wind Tunnel was built for model flight profiles and is mainly used today for student work.

Technical data

Maximum speed

30 m/s

Reynolds number range

30 000 to 400 000

Turbulence intensity

2 x 10-4 to 8 x10-4


4 kW - three-phase motor

Total Length

7.3 m

Cross section of the test section

0.373 m x 0.6 m = 0.22 m2

Area of the filter matt

4,4 m2

Contraction ratio

19.8 : 1

Model Wind Tunnel
Model Wind Tunnel

Measurement equipment

List measurement:


Drag measurement

Integrated rake in the wake of the airfoil

Moment measurement

Strain gauge on torsion tube


Dye coating, smoke or wool threads

Boundary-layer measurements

Hot-film probe with traverse system

Pressure distribution measurements


Data Aquisision

PC-supported system with 12bit-AD converter

Wind tunnel models

can be produced in positive or negative construction.
The profile depth is 120 - 200mm.


This image shows Ulrich Deck, M.Sc.

Ulrich Deck, M.Sc.


Head of working group Laminar Wind Tunnel

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