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Uwe Iben

Hon. Prof. Dr.-Ing, Dr. rer. nat.

Honorary Professor
Institute of Aerodynamics und Gas Dynamics


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Robert Bosch Campus 1
71272 Renningen

The lecture covers various aspects from fluid mechanics of single-phase and multiphase fluids that play a central role in industrial applications such as power transmission. These include hydraulic systems, vehicle braking systems, and gasoline and diesel injection systems. The pressure levels encountered here vary from very low pressures (low vapor pressure) to very high pressures (up to 3000 bar). In this range, the properties of the fluids change significantly and must be taken into account in the simulation. Thermodynamic paths are considered and characterized, and these are applied to models for choke flows and line flows with cross-sectional changes. A special focus is on the derivation of industrially applicable cavitation models. Furthermore, experimental investigation possibilities are presented and their validity as validation experiments is discussed.

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  • Employee of Robert Bosch GmbH, Cooperate Research since 1999
  • Project manager for research projects in the field of modeling and simulation of cavitating flows, development of adaptive gas generators (airbags)
  • 2009 – 2020: Chief expert for multi-phase flow and cavitation
  • 2016 – 2020: Head of Research and Technology in Moscow and Saint Petersburg
  • Since 05/2020 Chief Expert for Applied Mathematics
  • Member of EU-MATH-IN
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