Christoph Wenzel

Dr. Christoph Wenzel takes over as head of the "Boundary Layers" working group

October 21, 2022 / Dagmar Bülow-Pickl

Following the retirement of apl. Prof. Ulrich Rist on August 31, 2022, Dr.-Ing. Christoph Wenzel has taken over as head of the "Boundary Layers" working group.

After completing his Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart with the highest grade of 1.0, Mr. Wenzel joined the IAG as an academic staff member on April 1, 2015. Here, he worked in the research group of Prof. Rist on the topic of drag reduction in turbulent boundary layers by jet blowing. In the course of his research, he focused on the characterization of compressible turbulent boundary layers under the influence of pressure gradients by means of Direct Numerical Simulation and carried out studies on the question of self-similarity of such boundary layers for the first time in the compressible regime. This was then also the topic of his dissertation supervised by Prof. Rist, which he completed with distinction on June 03, 2019. Currently, Mr. Wenzel is employed as a post-doc at the IAG, where he continues to work on the mentioned topic for the purpose of his habilitation and supervises several DFG research projects.

As of 01.09.2022, he has now been assigned the leadership of the research group "Boundary Layers". We wish him success and good luck for this challenging task. 

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